Virtually Paradise  


Some people's lives are guided by their career choices and others need the security of their family and friends. Others have a wanderlust that makes them pack up and go at the drop of a hat. Maybe there is some gypsy blood in one of our families because we never seemed to achieve the envious ability to settle on a stable life, that brass ring was always there, seemingly within reach but always on the edge of our fingertips.


Only in recent years have we actually lived in one place for more than 5 years. We thought that when we retired that we would become model citizens of our age group, settle in to a comfortable daily routine, work in the yard, clean the house, have leisurely meals on the lanai and build up a little comfort in our savings account.


Oh well, maybe in the next lifetime that could happen. So, here we are in Southwest Florida and our garage is filled with diving gear, underwater cameras have been upgraded, our refrigerator is filled with beer and wine and a stack of coolers lines one wall waiting for the next adventure.


We are raising our two young grandchildren who have experienced some rough challenges and we say that they keep us young and diving keeps us sane.

60 years (as of March 9, 2023) and counting!!
And how did we make this milestone you ask? Easy......
Learned early on - "Yes, Dear"
Always have each others back
Nothing good to say? Say nothing!
and when you disobey the above rules.......