Sea Dwellers

The Wood family has been scuba diving for a few years, Gary was certified by Central Skin Divers in Brooklyn in 1964. Cherri followed along in 1972 for a NAUI certification. Both kids were certified in Guam and were able to enjoy some of the best diving in the world.

Gary became a NAUI instructor and taught diving for the U.S. Naval Academy and also on Guam and Taiwan. Underwater photography has been a prime interest since he took our cheap brownie camera, stuck it in a plastic bag sealed to a face mask and jumped into a local quarry. His first picture of a rock was a big hit in our household.

Dive clubs were always the best way to meet other divers and discover the best dive spots and charter boats. Gary served as President in all of the clubs and even started up a new club when one didn't exist. The list is long from the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) in Leeds, England, the Atlantis Rangers in Maryland, Blue Holers in Guam, China Sea Dragons in Taiwan and Caloosa Dive Club here in Southwest Florida. Cherri served in several offices in the same clubs as well as editor of the newsletter in each, even before she was certified.